Use Of STARCERT Management System Mark, Logos And Symbols

A company certified by STARCERT UK LTD may use the STARCERT logo on company letterheads and literature, subject to the conditions below :
  • (a) Use of the symbols on stationary or other media shall not be used by a certified client unless the use relates in whole or in part to certification endorsed by STARCERT. Note: Clients where STARCERT has certified subsidiaries, divisions, departments or offices of a company and not the company as a whole is most affected by this requirement. Clients must exercise care in the use of certification logo and marks to ensure no misrepresentation of scope for which certification is granted.
  • (b) The symbol shall not be used on a product, packing, packaging, laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates or tests reports from test or in any way that may be interpreted to denote product conformity.
  • (c) Use of certification marks to indicate that a product has been made under a certified quality management system.
  • (d) The Mark may only be reproduced in a single colour which is unlimited, but where practical should conform to existing preprinted stationery, brochures, letterheads or other promotional materials of the Company.
  • (e) Client can use any statement on product packaging material that client has certified management system.The statement shall in no way imply that the product, process or service is certified anyway.
    The statementshall include :
    • Identification like brand name of the Client
    • The type of management system certified
    • The name of STARCERT which is issuing the certificate.
  • (f) The Client company can use the logo in the same color combination as specified or in any single.

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